Polat Group Companies

A Journey of Success

Having an impressive growth trend, NRW has covered a distance in branding process and become a leading company in the domestic market. In addition, it is now a company which exports to more than 70 countries in 5 continents, especially Germany, with many franchises and distributorships and PGR GmbH assembly factory located in Germany in 5.800 sqm of area, which has been operating since 2014.

Polat Grup Holdıng

Polat Group Holding A.Ş was established in December 2019 by uniting all companies included under a single roof in order to review our all processes within the scope of the institutionalization studies, to increase the productivity and enable our companies to focus on their operations in a more effective way.


  • Polat Grup Holdıng
    ATA OSB Mahallesi
    ASTİM 1. Cadde No:4
    Efeler, Aydın, Turkey
    T: +90 256 231 04 70
    F: +90 256 231 04 71

Polat Makina

As Polat Makina, we continue to work in each day in order to provide the transforming power of our production capacity for the use of the global-scaled business facilities. Thanks to our deeply-rooted experience in design, engineering and different industries, we provide endurable and value-added industrial solutions which can overcome production challenges.


Polat Group Redüktör

Polat Grup Redüktör San. ve Tic. A. Ş. started to operate under A. Polat Makina Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş and gained a legal entity status in 2004 as the result of its growth and development in a short time.

Having had a splendid growth trend since the commencement day including the days of crises, PGR has come a long way in the process of branding in domestic market. Having become a leading firm in domestic industry, PGR has turned out to be a firm which realizes export activities into more than 70 countries in 5 continents, especially Germany.

PGR continues its business activities with reducer production capacity for 250.000 pieces annually in Astim Organized Industry Zone, central factory zone for 15.000 m2, assembly factory for 20.000 m2 in Aydın Umurlu Organized Industry Zone, Ankara and Istanbul branches with approximately 300 employees, national and international vendors, distributors and PGR GmbH assembly factory established in an area for 5.000 m2 in Germany since 2014.


  • Polat Grup Redüktör San. ve Tic. A. Ş.
    ASTİM Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
    Aydın, Turkey
    T: +90 256 231 04 73 (4 Lines)
    F: +90 256 231 04 78

Polat Tarım

Polat Tarım Ltd. Şti., established as a sample facility in 2003, meets needs of producer with its olive squeezing facility with capacity for 240 tones/days and realizes researches and investments which will carry Polat Makina a step further. 


  • Yeni Mahalle Dörtyol Mevkii
    Yazıkent Yolu, Bozdoğan
    Aydın, Türkiye
    T: +90 256 414 11 78
    F: +90 256 414 26 87

Oya Fidancılık

Oya Fidancılık A.Ş which was established in Çakırbeyli village of Koçarlı district in Aydın in 2011 adds value for places with unique beauties of crepe myrtle and palm trees, in addition to ornamental plants.

Oya Fidancılık A.Ş had been designed as a hobby garden at the beginning by İbrahim Polat, President of Polat Group Board of Directors. However, it transformed into a major business facility and became a Polat Group firm thanks to the commercial intelligence of Polat. Oya Fidancılık provides service for domestic and international markets with its increasingly improving vision and production understanding which does not sacrifice from quality in an area for 500 hectares.



As a brand exporting for more than 80 countries, we brought PGR GmbH into service in 2014 in Ahlen, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany in order to increase our share in European Market. Our factory with production area for 5.800 m2 delivers our products to our customers in Europe by means of experienced and professional employees swiftly and provides aftermarket support in-place, therefore, it constitutes a robust bridge connecting Europe and Turkey.


Polat Group A.E. Trade Machine

Polat Group A.E Trade Machine which was established in Greece in 2012, provides equipment supply for milk machinery, reducers, pomace processing facilities and treatment facilities, especially olive oil continuous system machinery in Greece. Our company realizes spare part supply, service, repair and maintenance services for Polat equipment in the region.


  • Polat Group A.E. Trade Machine
    Rıga Feraıou 41 Gerakas
    Athens, Greece
    T: +30 22510 55840
    F: +30 22510 55840
  • Tampakaria, Mytilini
    T: +30 22510 55840
    F: +30 22510 55840

Polat Group Makina Ticareti SARL. A.U.

Polat Group Makina Ticareti SARL A.U. was put into service in Morocco in 2013, within the scope of Polat Group. Our group company has an organization structure to provide sales and aftermarket support for Continues Olive Squeezing Machinery for our customers in Morocco. Our SSH team works with 7 days/24 hours principle to reply the demands of our customers without any time delay. Our SSH team continues to bring our machinery together with our customers in Morocco based on 100% customer satisfaction with the stock unit where all spare parts to be required are available and show room.


  • Polat Group Makina Ticareti SARL. A.U.
    Oulad Tayeb Haut, N8. Rt. Immouzer
    30023 Fès, Morocco
    T: +212 535 666 191
    Gsm: +212 689 104 123

Polat Italia Group S.R.L.

Polat Italia Group S.R.L. which was established in Italy in 2014 launched its operations with the aim of realizing export, import and purchase and sale activities of continuous system olive pressing machinery in Italy market and foreign markets, and it expanded its product range in time and started to provide milk and food separators, industrial decanters, reducers, transformation and gear cases. The company conducts studies on technical support, spare part assembly and de-assembly; and provides service for your, our valuable stakeholders service in Italy.


  • Polat Italia Group S.R.L.
    Piazza A. Diaz, 3,
    60123 Ancona (AN), Italy

    Operation office
    Strada Privata Perrini,
    70032 Bitonto, Bari (BA), Italy
    T: +39 080 889 1713

    Engineering Center
    Via Lago Trasimeno, 23,
    36015 Schio (VI), Italy